Chairman's Address - 2014

2014 was another exciting year for Capital Angels, and for the Canberra Innovation community at large. Capital Angels started the year with the Capital Angels Raising Money Masterclass. It was a very successful event, attracting extremely positive feedback from the attendees, as well as some publicity in the media.

Investments presentations were held in May (at the Street Theatre), July (at the John Curtin School of Medical research) and September (joint event with the GRIFFIN accelerator at the Australian War Memorial), with the following companies presenting to investors:

  • Ecospectral
  • Enabled Employment
  • Fame & Partners
  • Geospatial (watching brief)
  • Instaclustr
  • Made for Me
  • Perimeter Security
  • Quizling
  • Reposit Power
  • Snapknock
  • Symberra

I would like to thank the presenting companies. It is time-consuming to prepare a pitch and it is positive to see that these companies found it worthwhile to present at Capital Angels. As a result of their participation, many of these companies found investment funds, mentors or just useful networks.

I would also like to thank our sponsors, without whom a not-for-profit organisation such as Capital Angels would be unable to conduct its events. Our sponsors in 2014 to date were: Citadel Group and Canberra Airport (Raising Money Masterclass), the ACT Government Economic Development Directorate (May event), Australian Capital Ventures Limited (July event), GRIFFIN Accelerator (September event).

Our members and directors did a wonderful job this year, being fully involved in the activities of Capital Angels, as well as in other useful activities in the innovation space. Thank you all! I would like to thank my predecessors, David Malloch, who drove the foundation of Capital Angels and is now enjoying a well-earned second life in Italy, Uwe Boettcher, who continues to make an invaluable contribution to Capital Angels, and Nick McNaughton, who has been the driving force behind many important recent initiatives in the Canberra innovation space.

A special thank you to Anne-Marie Perret, Deputy Chair of Capital Angels for her enthusiastic involvement in all activities.

Finally, I would like to thank Lighthouse. The constant high quality support of Anna Pino and her team allows Capital Angels to function smoothly and to hold great events.

In terms of the wider Canberra innovation community, this year’s main positive developments were:

  • The creation of the CBR Innovation Network, with which Capital Angels will continue to cooperate.
  • The continuing success of the Entry29 shared space and of the experience-sharing events it hosts.
  • The successful operation of the GRIFFIN accelerator, the first Canberra-based accelerator.

GRIFFIN was supported by Capital Angels and also saw the direct investment and involvement of most of our members and directors.

Capital Angels welcomes this higher level of activity and of collaboration and will continue to actively support the fostering of a lively early-stage innovation community in Canberra. As an investment facilitator, our challenge has always been to increase the number of investors at our events, as well as the quality of the deal flow, in order to create a vibrant angel investment community. I am glad to see that, with the constant involvement of all directors and of all members, the progress that has been made in the past few years is continuing and is resulting in increasingly better events. I am confident that this positive trend will continue in the years to come.

I look forward to another successful year for Capital Angels.

Michele Troni

Chairman Capital Angels

16 November 2014