Chairman's Address - 2016

Thank you everyone for attending this AGM. 

The 2016 year for Capital Angels has been a very good one.  We have built on the goodwill that existed post our tenth anniversary celebrations last year and are leveraging the attention that innovative start-ups and angel investing has received from the Government’s announcement in November 2015 of its National Science and Innovation Agenda.  As you all know the Government’s Innovation Agenda includes a tax credit for early stage investment and this has led to an increased awareness of and interest in angel investing.

The Capital Angels activities for the 2015-2016 financial year have included:

1. An Angel Education Session was held in June at Dixon Advisory offices, and attracted a large number of attendees and generated extremely positive feedback. Thanks to Dixon for hosting the event and for inviting some of their clients.

2. Investment presentations were held in:

  • July 2015 at CBR Innovation Network
  • March 2016 at CBR Innovation Network

3. I would like to thank:

Our presenting companies for participating in the pitch events including:

  • OzGuild
  • Dilkara
  • Hact
  • MyBUZZ App
  • SignOnSite
  • Solar Bare
  • Rosemark Water Tanks
  • Enabled Employment
  • Mobflic

Our sponsors without whom we could not run these valuable events:

  • Dixon Advisory,
  • CBRIN,
  • GRIFFIN Accelerator.

In 2017 we are seeking to encourage more sponsors into our network and welcome suggestions and contributions from members.

4. Membership

  1. Thank you to all members and Directors for their continued support and contributions in 2016. 
  2. In 2016 we increased our membership with new members Sara Wedgwood and Surend Dayal.
  3. In addition we have a number of new potential investors attending our events who could well become members of Capital Angels in the coming year.

5. New Website – In 2016 we launched our new website. The last couple of months has seen us bed down the website and start to create content for the website.   We now have companies apply to pitch through the website with an application form and process.  This new approach seems to be working well as in the last two months we have had 9 companies apply through the website.  Capturing their applications through the website will allow us to gather more data on our pitch companies and deals. 

In 2017 we will be seeking to further enhance the content and focus on the website.  We will be seeking input from members for content.  Please contact Rachel if you have content of interest that you would like to contribute.  Please also direct companies interested in pitching to the website for details of the application process.

6. I would like to thank and acknowledge the following people who have made sure that Capital Angels continues to be not just a viable organisation but a thriving one:

  1. The previous chairs, David Malloch, Uwe Boettcher, Nick McNaughton and Michele Troni for supporting Capital Angels.
  2. Anna Pino and Lighthouse staff for their ongoing support and organising events for Capital Angels.
  3. Special thanks to Craig Davis as Deputy Chair, for involvement in all activities.
  4. Thank you to all who attended and invested in the companies who pitched.

In conclusion the last year was a good one for Capital Angels and so we look forward with enthusiasm to what the next twelve months will bring.

Anne-Marie Perret

Chair, Capital Angels