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A Message from the Chair

2015 ended with Capital Angel’s tenth anniversary, an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the work of those who had the foresight to get Capital Angels started and those who have helped us grow.  The first ten years have put us in a fantastic position to launch into the next ten years.  We are very excited about what this year will bring and feel there is much to look forward to.

Our tenth anniversary coincided with the announcement by Prime Minister Turnbull of the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.  Included in this agenda are measures designed to support start up companies and early stage investment, particularly Angel investment through tax incentives.  Whilst of course we must wait for the detail to see how the tax incentives will work, they are a recognition of the important work that angel investors do to help early stage companies grow and prosper.  We are excited that our next ten years starts with such important recognition of the benefits to the economy of early stage innovative companies and angel investment. 

Our existing Angels all understand the difference that angel investing can make to an early stage companies and the immense satisfaction that can arise from being a part of the growth and success of a company.  We also understand the pitfalls of angel investment only too well and how best to mitigate the risks.  In addition to continuing to provide an important platform for companies and angel investors to meet we will be working to help  more potential investors understand how to angel invest.  We look forward to welcoming more members into our group. Our association with Griffin Accelerator, KILN Incubator, CBR Innovation Network and the various government programs will extend our reach to a greater range of early stage companies across the Canberra region.

We are starting our next ten years with the launch of our new website.  Our website will allow us to reach a broader audience, to provide information and updates on the early stage investment scene in our region.  It will also give us an opportunity to celebrate many of the early stage companies and entrepreneurs who, with the help of the business network and angel investors, are helping to grow Canberra into an exciting, innovative and creative region.

Thank you to our past chairs, deputy chairs, board members, members and sponsors as well as the companies who pitched over the last ten years for helping us continue to thrive and to be an important part of the Canberra innovation scene.  Special thanks also to Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre and GRIFFIN Accelerator for their ongoing support which is so important to the smooth execution of all our events.

We have a full program of pitch sessions and education events planned for 2016 which we look forward to welcoming you to.

Anne-Marie Perret, Chair
Dr Craig Davis, Deputy Chair